Macquatics Training - "Dedicated to improving the quality of Swim Centre Management"

Macquatics Training in progress
Training Poolies for more than 30 years. Enjoyable and rewarding.
Macquatics On-Site Swim Centre Training provides training in swim centre operations, supervision and management. What's more, we come to you.

The idea of providing swimming pool training on-site is now regarded as the most effective and affordable method of having staff at swimming pools trained and receive a formal TAFE qualification.

Your organisation could save thousands of dollars with Macquatics On-Site Training coming to you at your swim centre, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.



What is covered during the On-Site Macquatics Training?

Campbelltown Catholic Club's beautiful pools/gym.
Trained staff + modern equipment = excellent water quality.
  • Water Testing - the how, when, where and why of both pool and incoming water supply testing is discussed, demonstrated and taught to all students, to ensure that they can do all the necessary tests. This is an area of essential competence.
  • Water chemistry - informing and not confusing students on what happens to their swimming pool water when the different chemicals are added. Then, how much to add, and especially, how to safely handle all chemicals.
  • Chemical Identification - knowing the chemicals, correct labelling, storage, handling and disposal of spilt chemical.
  • Active and effective supervision.

    Supervised and careful manual addition of acid.
  • Complete swimming pool safety, for both customers and staff.
  • Local issues - any concerns students have are discussed.
  • Plant and equipment identification, maintenance and operation.
  • Swim centre promotion, customer service and accident prevention.

Macquatics Training contacts :
John McKenny
0427 32 3133
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Who will benefit from the training?

A well designed, modern plant room, suitable for a 400,000 litre pool.

Macquatics On-Site Training has been designed to teach:

  • Aquatic Managers, controlling one or several facilities;
  • Contractors/Lessees of swim centres;
  • Operators;
  • Supervisors;
  • Trainees;
  • Private and backyard pool owners and operators; and
  • Resort and holiday facility operators and owner/managers.


What are the benefits of On-Site Macquatics Training?

Demonstrating correct water testing procedures.


  • Cheaper - employees stay at work. No employee travel, vehicles and accommodation costs.
  • Qualifications - participants can obtain a formal TAFE qualification.
  • Macquatics Training Certificate issued to those who complete the training.
  • Holistic - All aspects of operating a swimming pool are taught, plus practical sessions on water testing, chemical handling and addition, solving pool water problems and plant and equipment identification, operation and maintenance.
  • Convenient - no other travelling away for additional training or assessments.
  • Local issues and problems discussed and solved.



Customer Feedback

Here are a few comments from students over the years:

Spa inflo. Black water from incompatable chemical addition.
  • 'Very informative, with practical application to the workplace' Brian, Raymond Terrace
  • 'Excellent work John. Very enjoyable' Jordan, Campbelltown
  • 'Enjoyed it. John was great.' Sue, Forster
  • 'Keep up the great work John. Very well run and informative class.' Joe, Bellingen
  • 'Well taught. Well presented and easy to understand and practical.' Richard, Lakes Entrance, Vic
  • 'I really enjoyed the course and plan to implement many ideas into the pool. Thanks.' Damien, Lakes Entrance, Vic